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SO SOFT – 93 pics
One of my most efficient remedy for when I’m stressed and tensed is to dress up from head to toe in one of my trusty latex catsuits. All covered up, it makes my body calm down and feel happy again. For this session, I chose my front zip red catsuit made by one of my top 3 latex designers: Polymorphe. I also slid into matching red latex socks and short gloves and immersed my rubberised body in my triangular red rubber cocoon where I feel at peace, and aroused at the same time. And because I wanted the full rubber doll transformation, I picked my ultra thin red latex sweetheart face hood made by (HW Design – my top 3 designers again!). Once dressed up, to get myself all turned on, one of the best game for me is to take my silicone lubricant bottle and spray it all over my cocoon and of course all over me. Then it gets so slippery I just get electric shivers in my thighs and belly. And the best finale is to add to my orgasmic outfit my new hot red latex gasmask over my latex hood. Let me tell you that with this autoerotic session, my stress - and yours - is history! Better than tisane & spa, wouldn’t you say?!!


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