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Walking into my spacious kinky closet and selecting the naughty latex outfit Iím gonna wear for my next photo shoot always procures me shivers of excitement. There are so many options, so many great latex skirts, or catsuits or high heel shoes or why not boots... Sometime, I canít make up my mind and I stand there staring at the racks full of outfits and scenarios. An idea suddenly popped up to my mind that I could actually share my wonderful Ali Baba Treasure Cave with you! If you remember, in part 1 of this sexy photo shoot, I started nude and dressed up with an amber latex t-shirt and some ultra thin H&W see-through black tights. In part 2, I complete the latex transformation with a Polymorphe amber frills skirt, a black long sleeves top and final touch is my black H&W hood. Since I started all nude, and slowly dressed up with multiple layers of latex, this photo shoot is what I would call a reverse strip tease! Come on in and have a peek!


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