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Many time during the year, my work (or should I say my passion) brings me to travel to many destinations and sometimes, some of the hotels I sleep in offer interesting background to shoot. Of course, I never travel light and I always have packed some lustful latex outfits, just in case! And thatís a good thing because this room had such a sexy shower that as soon as I saw it, I was turned on just thinking how it would feel to have the water running on my latexed body. It actually didnít take me long to open my suitcase and select my new Polymorphe lilac top that I would wear over my also very new purple metallic bikini top. For my bottom, I picked a metallic purple hotpants and some naughty ultra thin lilac leg sleeves. To complete the outfit, I added some metallic purple opera gloves and voila! Dressed up with my erotic latex outfit, I was ready to take my shower! After all, why taking a shower nude when you can do it dressed up in latex?! And what a pleasure it was!. So hot and soft at the same time! And when I finally decided to free my big and round boobies from their latex enclosure to play with them, it just felt like pure pleasure!


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